Quality Management System Upload

Please create an ARCHIVE file (ZIP) of the required documents, and upload ZIP file below.
Transfer Registrations:

1) Copy of existing certficates
2) Last 3 audit reports from existing registrar
3) Systems Manual
4) Completed Registration Form (If not already provided)

New Registrations:
1) Systems Manual
2) Completed Registration Form (If not already provided)
• Please send attachments seperately rather than one large pdf file.
• Please label the attachments with their content.
• In 'Message' field below, please put Company name and File number as applicable.

If you are having difficulty uploading files then please try these steps:

  • Some issues have been reported from uploads using Internet Explorer IE 11.0, please use an alternative browser for uploads to insure proper transfer of documents.
  • Allow pop-up for https://nsaiinc.sharefile.com/
  • Ensure Active Scripting, ActiveX, and Java is not blocked by Internet Explorer, antivirus program or by a firewall.
  • Clear the browsers cache, close the browser completely, and then try again.
  • If you continue to have issue uploading file please call “Share File Support” (numbers below), or your NSAI Representative
    Toll free: 1.800.441.3453
    UK: +44 (0800) 680.0621
    Australia: 1800.089.572
    International: +1 919.745.6111
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