Customer Charter

The Charter below sets out the standards of service that our Customers can expect from NSAI.

1. The Service we provide is guided by our customer values:

We care about our customers.
We help our customers to define their requirements.
We are responsible and flexible within our commercial and statutory function in meeting our customers’ needs.
Our attitude towards customers is courteous, friendly and attentive.

2. NSAI will deliver this quality service under the following headings:


This charter confers on members of the public and NSAI Staff the same levels of respect and courtesy.


Best Practice

Adopt best practice in the provision of services as set out in Sustaining Progress.


Customer Information

Promote public awareness of NSAI programs. Customers can access information on NSAI services by contacting any of our offices around the country.



Provide our services to all customers in a courteous, fair and impartial manner and in compliance with equality legislation.


Health, Safety and Welfare

Provide public offices that comply with occupational, safety and welfare standards.


Privacy and Confidentiality

All our dealings with our customers are conducted in a manner that respects their rights to privacy and confidentiality in so far as our accreditation requirements will permit.


Consultation / Feedback

Listen to, value and consider carefully all views expressed. NSAI welcomes your comments, suggestions and views on any aspects of our services because this will help us to better satisfy your needs.



Reply to all inquiries promptly and efficiently. If the preparation of a reply requires more than 5 working days, NSAI will issue an acknowledgment to all correspondence.



To deal with questions in an open, objective and fair manner every effort will be made, at local level, to resolve questions to the satisfaction of both the customer and NSAI.


Customer Complaints

All customer complaints will be dealt with under the Customer Complaints Policy.

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