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Please create an ARCHIVE file (ZIP) of the required documents, attach and *upload ZIP file below.

Create a ZIP file containing the following documents:

1) Word version of the completed Application or Change Notification form
2) PDF version of the completed Application or Change Notification form (to include signature)
3) All supporting documents required by the relevant Application/Change Notification form
• Please send attachments separately rather than one large pdf file.
• Please label the attachments with their content.
• In 'Message' field below, please put Company name and File number as applicable.

If you are having difficulty uploading files then please try these steps:

  • Some issues have been reported from uploads using Internet Explorer IE 11.0, please use an alternative browser for uploads to insure proper transfer of documents.
  • Allow pop-up for https://nsaiinc.sharefile.com/
  • Ensure Active Scripting, ActiveX, and Java is not blocked by Internet Explorer, antivirus program or by a firewall.
  • Clear the browsers cache, close the browser completely, and then try again.
  • If you continue to have issue uploading file please call “Share File Support” (numbers below), or your NSAI Representative
    Toll free: 1.800.441.3453
    UK: +44 (0800) 680.0621
    Australia: 1800.089.572
    International: +1 919.745.6111
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